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Jim Lundberg, Owner 

A native from upstate New York near Albany has been serving the automotive needs since 1975. Jim has been long time certified with ASE as a master Auto and light Truck technician. Also to his credit Master certified Advanced level Diagnostics Certification. His experience includes Chrysler, Plymouth dealership, BF Goodrich, Firestone and Goodyear tire and auto service. Jim has been over 18 years at Sunset auto serving customers... His customers appreciate that he as well as Joe and Todd will take the time to help ALL their customers understand their service needs as well as Fix them right the first time. Jim believes that if you need to know how it works if you expect to be able to fix it. He says this is true with ANYTHING!

Joseph Lynch


Native from Mass has lived for 30 years in Florida serving the automotive Industry for twenty of those years   at OEM dealerships Chrysler and Dodge. And now for seven years here at Sunset Auto. Joe is very knowledgeable and friendly. He’ll spend as much time explaining service needs and repairs with every customer as needed

 Todd Neeno


Originally from upstate NY near Buffalo Has extensive dealership experience with Ford and Chevrolet, Todd has been serving customers at the Independent repair shop level now for over 10years. When it comes to the rough jobs he knows how to smooth them out.

When it comes to the big stuff no one is better, Engines Transmissions, Differentials, You name it.


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